July 15, 2024

How Long Do Chihuahuas Live?

Chihuahuas are a small breed of dog that can live for a long time. On average, Chihuahuas live to be between 12 and 20 years old, with some living even longer. The key to a Chihuahua living a long, healthy life is proper care, including a healthy diet, regular exercise, and regular visits to the vet. It’s also important to keep your Chihuahua up to date on all necessary vaccinations and to protect them from parasites and other health threats. By providing your Chihuahua with the care they need, you can help them live a long and happy life.

Chihuahuas Dog Breed

Common Chihuahua Health Problems

Like all breeds, Chihuahuas are prone to certain health problems. Some common health issues that Chihuahuas may experience include:

  1. Dental problems: Chihuahuas have small jaws and can often have overcrowded teeth, which can lead to dental problems such as gum disease and tooth loss.
  2. Eye problems: Chihuahuas are prone to eye problems, such as dry eye, cataracts, and glaucoma.
  3. Hypoglycemia: Chihuahuas have a high metabolism and can be prone to low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), which can cause weakness, tremors, and even seizures if not treated promptly.
  4. Heart problems: Some Chihuahuas may be prone to heart problems, such as mitral valve disease and patent ductus arteriosus (PDA).
  5. Luxating patella: This is a common condition in small breeds, including Chihuahuas, in which the knee cap moves out of place.

It’s important to be aware of these potential health issues and to work with your veterinarian to monitor your Chihuahua’s health and address any problems that may arise.

What Do Chihuahuas Usually Die From?

There is no single cause of death that is common to all Chihuahuas. Like all dogs, Chihuahuas can die from a variety of causes, including old age, accidents, and diseases. Some of the most common causes of death in Chihuahuas may include:

  1. Cancer: Cancer is a leading cause of death in dogs, and Chihuahuas are no exception.
  2. Cardiovascular disease: Heart problems, such as mitral valve disease and patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), can be common in Chihuahuas and can lead to death if not properly treated.
  3. Infections: Chihuahuas can be prone to infections, such as respiratory infections and urinary tract infections, which can be serious if not treated promptly.
  4. Accidents: Like all dogs, Chihuahuas are at risk of accidents, such as being hit by a car or falling from a height.

It’s important to work with your veterinarian to monitor your Chihuahua’s health and to address any potential health issues as soon as possible. This can help your Chihuahua live a long and healthy life.

Care Tips for Chihuahua

Here are some tips for caring for a Chihuahua:

  1. Provide a healthy diet: Chihuahuas have high metabolism and small stomachs, so they need a diet that is high in protein and low in fat. Look for a high-quality commercial dog food that is formulated for small breeds.
  2. Keep your Chihuahua at a healthy weight: Chihuahuas are prone to obesity, which can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes and joint problems. Keep your Chihuahua at a healthy weight by feeding them a balanced diet and providing regular exercise.
  3. Provide regular exercise: Chihuahuas are small dogs with a lot of energy, so they need regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. Take your Chihuahua for walks, runs, or play sessions every day to help them stay active.
  4. Keep your Chihuahua’s teeth clean: Dental problems are common in Chihuahuas, so it’s important to brush your Chihuahua’s teeth regularly to keep them clean and healthy.
  5. Protect your Chihuahua from parasites: Chihuahuas are prone to parasites, such as fleas and ticks, so it’s important to use preventative treatments to protect them.
  6. Keep your Chihuahua up to date on vaccinations: Make sure your Chihuahua is up to date on all necessary vaccinations to protect them from serious diseases.

By following these care tips, you can help your Chihuahua live a long, healthy, and happy life.

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